Hot Tub Build Gem Building Specialists Limited have over 20 years experience building custom designed structures to house hot tubs or converting existing structures..

Hot Tub build. Patio area to Finished Building

Gem Building Specialists Limited are currently, as of January 2020, making a start, for a customer in the Worthing area, in building a custom building which will house a state of the art hot tub.

We have teamed up with local steel supplier, The Chatsworth Forge Ltd, to design, make and supply the modular steel frame for the build and Trident Windows for the glazing requirements.

Over the next set of updates to this page, we will show the build of this project. This first update is dated 25th January 2020

360 View of freestanding base before installation

In this 360 photo, we are showing the initial assembly of the steel frame for the hot tub building.

March 2020 Update on Hot Tub Build

This gallery shows the initial build from footings to the bare shell stage where we currently are.

The first photo is that of the initial CAD design which we are able to produce for all of our outbuilding projects. This will show you an accurate frame model and can easily be tweaked and adjusted until you are happy before the design is sent to the forge for the steels to be made.

This is a work-in-progess so more photos will be added as the project continues.

Hot tub Build Continued...

So far we have dug out and poured a new footing and base for the hot tub building, erected the steel chassis and secured it to the base.

We have then installed insulation into the walls and then lined over top with Aquaboard.

The ceiling was then insulated and a marine ply with GRP roof installed over top.

Finally we have installed some initial first fix cabling for both mains, lighting and data

We would like to point out that, on this particular project, this hot tub that will be installed will feature internet enabled controls, built in music streaming and include built in speakers that pop out of the corners of the tub along with a custom subwoofer in the base of the tub.

This building will feature a stretch ceiling and custom led strip lighting around the edge to allow you to create you own mood lighting. This will, in turn, be linked to the existing house and garden mood lighting as featured on our other website (please ask for details if you wish to know more on this) for a single remote controlled, multi-zone feature.

Just as a guideline for you. This garden is approximately 10 meters square. The Hot tub building is approximately 3.5M square. This just goes to show that you do not necessarily require a huge garden to enjoy the finer aspects of life and can even be built in a typical terraced house garden.